How to start PLUGRAM POS

How to start PLUGRAM POS

step1Getting started with PLUGRAMSign up for free.

Sign up from the web site

Go to“Sign up”and fill out the fields.Then, you are all set.

You can also sign up from the App

Browse the App Store on your iPad and download the PLUGRAM App.Open the App and register your Email address and desired password.Then, your account is ready.

step2Adding products

PLUGRAM controls a wide range of product attributes, and allows you to analyze those attributes from multiple angles.

You can add up to 1,000 products with the Standard Plan (free), and 100,000 products with the Premium Plan ($50 a month per store) .

Add a new product manually

You can add your products into the App one by one, both from the BackOffice and the App.

Batch-import products

If you have a large inventory, you can batch-import your product data using the CSV file.

step3Running a sale

Add products to the sale

You can add products to the sale by scanning barcodes, searching product names, or using Quick Keys. PLUGRAM’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to ring up sales.

Take special orders

PLUGRAM allows you to take special orders, such as layaway sales (hold items until your customer has paid the full balance), bundle sales (e.g., 3 for $10).

Easy discount

Once you’ve set the discount types in the BackOffice, you can offer discounts with ease.(10% off, $5 off, $10 off $100 purchase, 30% employee discount, etc)To avoid extra steps, you can customize your discount types by color-coding the discountkeys.

step4View Sales

Analyze your sales data by specified attributes such as month, day, day of week, hours,category, product, etc.

Connect your hardware

Connect your hardware
  • Receipt Printers

    If you want to print receipts or reports, you will need a receipt printer.PLUGRAM supports a wide variety of printers.Bluetooth, ethernet, and even portable printers.Select a printer that fits your needs.

  • Cash Drawers

    Every time you ring up a sale, the cash drawer will pop open.

  • Barcode Scanners (Bluetooth)

    The barcode scanner makes your business more efficient, especially for retailers.It can be used for sales and inventory.