Move Beyond the OrdinaryLet PLUGRAM organize your business so you can focus on growing it.

Move Beyond The Ordinary

PLUGRAM has strong presence on the sales floor.

Tablet-based POS systems have come a long way.You see them everywhere, in restaurants, on retail counters, and in stand-alone kiosk, etc.PLUGRAM is an iPad-based POS that has a wide variety of sophisticated features.

Simple pricing structure. No long-term contract.

We offer affordable pricing with no long-term contracts.
You can get started today (and terminate any time).
Systems that fit in every situation, offering flexibility is the new standard.PLUGRAM offers the best in the new system standard.

Cloud offers many benefits.

Today, more and more companies are heading toward a cloud-based environment. PLUGRAM is a pioneer of cloud-based POS in Japan. Your data will be uploaded and organized on cloud server, so you can access the li ve report from anywhere and anytime via internet. If your iPad crashes, you don’t need to worry about downtime. You can just replace with a new one and download your data from the cloud server. PLUGRAM can protect your business from costly downtime.


  • Multiple Stores

    Manage all your stores,warehouses, pop-up stores with PLUGRAM.

  • Sales Reports

    PLUGRAM’s detailed sales reports help you to improve sales performance.

  • Customers

    With PLUGRAM CRM function, you can track all your customer’s information.

  • Hardware

    PLUGRAM works with major hardware providers such as Epson, Star Micronics, APG, etc.

  • Barcode Support

    Quickly search for items, track customers, layaways, deposits, using a barcode scanner.

  • Sales Target

    Setting and achieving sales targets add tremendous power to your efforts.

Payment PartnersComing Soon.

The BridgePay Gateway is our one-to-many transactional gateway providing access to all major credit and debit card processors.

Why BridgePay?

BridgePay Network Solutions, LLC (BridgePay) is a transaction gateway company specializing in providing turnkey payment application solutions.BridgePay’s broad network of processing partners enables you to connect to all major credit card processors.