Premium Plan

Monthly Subscription Fee$50 per store
Standard Plan

Grow Your Business

Get to know your customers better than ever before.

Customer Relationship Management

You can instantly access customer data, which includes, not only basic information such as a customer's birthday, but details such as purchase history, and buying preferences

“How often did Emily visit our downtown location last month?””When will the new seasonal clothes of John’s favorite designer arrive? ”PLUGRAM makes it possible for you to know your customers better than ever before.

Multiple Store Management

You can manage all your stores centrally, locally, or both.

Cross-store inventory Up to 100,000 products

Multi-Attribute Sales Analysis

Analyze your sales data by specified attributes such as month, day, day of the week, hour, category, product, etc.

Features on the App

Loyalty Program Member Profile View member profile,purchase history
Membership Card Scan membership cards and view member profile.
Rewards System Give points to members in accordance with the purchase amount.

Features on the BackOffice

Customers Customer Information Add, edit, suspend, delete customer information
Loyalty Points Management View Points View points balance and history (from the App / BackOffice)
Add Points Add points (from the App / BackOffice)
Redeem Points Redeem points at checkout (from the App / BackOffice)
Point Setting Set Point Value (e.g., 1point = $1) / Point Rate (e.g., Customer earns 1 point per $10spent)
Marketing Information Search Search member information by specified attributes.
Member Analysis Detailed Purchase History Search purchase history by specified attributes.